Are you sure you don't need glasses for driving?









It's getting to that time of year again, where we're all driving more often in the dark and when this is combined with bad weather it can make driving very dangerous - so don't let bad eyesight add to your problems! In a survey conducted earlier this year, it was discovered that more than 1.5 million drivers in the UK had never had their eyes tested, one in eight had not had their eyes tested for more than five years, and of the 54% of UK drivers who believe they don't need glasses to drive, one third can't know this for sure as they haven't had an eye test in over two years.

Next time you get in a car with someone, ask them when they last had their eyes tested. If they already wear glasses for driving, ask them if they've got a spare pair in case their primary pair break. At Specs2U we offer full, high-quality sight tests, we can make glasses from prescriptions from other opticians if necessary and we can often make a basic pair of glasses on the same day if it's an emergency. Don't let people close to you take a chance on their safety and the safety of people around them.