Employers Responsibilities

Employers whose staff use VDU’s (Visual Display Units) have a responsibility to publicise the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 2007 to their staff, as well as provide:

  • Full eye examination with a qualified Optometrist
  • Follow up eye tests at the recommended time frame given by the Optometrist
  • VDU corrective spectacles, if required solely for VDU use

Corporate Eye care package

At Specs2U we offer a comprehensive corporate eyecare package – please contact us at info@specs2u.co.uk or call 0151 305 7211 for more details.  This can include a FREE Eye Care In The Workplace seminar for company employees, covering the main threats to eye care in the workplace as well as short, medium and long term solutions to look after your workforces' eye health for years to come.

Safety Eyewear

If your job involves operating machinery or operational work requiring eye protection, our corporate eye care schemes can also provide safety prescription spectacles.

If you do not qualify under corporate eye care schemes, we offer a range of safety prescription spectacles for those who may require full eye protection.

Whether it is work related or a hobby, keep your eyes under cover.

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We accept many corporate eye care scheme vouchers including Eye care and Eye Plan.

For further information on Corporate Eyecare, please contact  or call 0151 305 7211.