Lens Choice

We want our customers to have as much choice as possible when choosing the right lenses for their prescription and optical needs. We have accounts with all of the major UK lens suppliers, and we also import and manufacture our own lenses. We think that we have the largest range of lenses in the UK, supplying not only our own shops but also other opticians and manufacturers across the country.

Honeycomb 1.61 aspheric with infinity XT hydro+

The new honeycomb mesh lens utilizes a “pin hole “ effect to reduce diffused reflections, ensuring clearer, sharper vision and vastly reducing eye fatigue.

This remarkable new lens sharpens contrast and considerably reduces fatigue by enhancing focus on the retina. Ideal for use when: WORKING AT A COMPUTER, READING AND WRITING, DRIVING AT NIGHT, WORKING IN ARTIFICIAL LIGHT.


Blue shield 1.61 aspheric with infinity XT hydro+

BLUE SHIELD lenses have been developed specifically to block the harmful “blue-light” rays produced by many electrical devices (TV`S, smartphones, tablets, PC`s etc) causing eye-fatigue and sleeplessness.

BLUE SHIELD lenses block 35-40% of short wavelength (380 -500nm) “blue rays”, minimizing colour aberration and vastly reducing eye fatigue. BLUE SHIELD affords the wearer instantly improved comfort with greater perception of depth and contrast.