Professional Eye Care, direct from the Manufacturer to You.

We manufacture our own lenses and our outlets are in out-of-town locations (in Liverpool, Widnes and Ellesmere Port)..  This means we can pass our savings directly on to you,-  and our highly trained staff will make sure that you get the glasses you need, for less.

Our glasses are made to a high quality and, with our aftercare service, manufacturers guarantee and free MOT check, we're confident that we can help  solve any optical problems you may have.

We are unlike High Street opticians and internet providers of spectacles. We provide the best of both worlds. Unlike internet sites we provide access to a quality sight test, the opportunity to try on different frames and discuss lenses with a trained person. Unlike the High Street we provide more time for our customers and offer a much wider range of lenses and coatings

I have recently had the best ever optical experience with the team at Specs2U
— David Harrington-Wright

10 Things That Make The Specs2U Experience So Special

Value For Money

We’re not on the High Street for a reason. Being in a town centre location means paying higher rent and rates, which are passed on to customers in the form of higher prices. They usually have to pay to park for the privilege as well. Our locations mean that we save our customers’ time and money.


Our management team is highly qualified with over 65 years’ experience making and dispensing spectacles between them, so we are sure we can deal with any optical enquiry. This expertise is accessible by all our staff - so the benefits of that expertise and experience can be passed directly to our customers. Our staff have continuous education and training in order to give our customers the best advice for their optical needs.


We will always give you impartial advice in order for you to make the best choice, even if it means you don’t end up buying a pair of spectacles from us. We want our customers to look the best and see the best in our products and so we will never sell you something based on price alone.


Specs2U is a friendly company. We are often on first name terms with our customers (and they are with us). We provide a welcoming and friendly environment and we aim to give our customers the time they deserve.  People tell us that they like coming to us because we are very friendly and helpful.


We provide the largest range of lenses and coatings in the UK. We manufacture our own lenses which are available direct to the public. This means our customers save money and get better value for money.

We say ‘if we can’t provide it, it hasn’t been invented yet’.


We provide full and thorough 30 minute  eye-tests, with no time limit. We don’t rush customers through this important part of the process and we give the time necessary to give our customers a thorough test every time.


We provide a free 6 month check-up for customers’ glasses to ensure they still fit correctly and there are no problems.


The advantage of our out of town locations is that parking is free and spaces are plentiful.


We offer a guarantee with all our products. If we make a mistake we will rectify it as soon as possible and not charge the customer for doing so.


Quality is important to our customers, so we buy carefully from suppliers and will stop using them if they fall below Specs2U’s standards. We work hard ensuring your spectacles are right first time, on time and checked rigorously to British Standards. We believe in providing an excellent aftercare service with unlimited frame adjustments, FREE 6 monthly spectacle ‘MOT’ checks and a full manufacturing guarantee on all our products.

I would like to thank Specs2U for my new glasses. The consultation was painless and hassle free. The explanation of my prescription was superb and my glasses were ready for collection within 72 hours. Overall excellent service at a great price.
— Steve Cope