enhanced eye test for sports

Want to improve your game? Start with improving your eyesight.   

Want to improve your game? Start with improving your eyesight.



Sports Enhanced Eye Examinations

If you take your chosen sport seriously, you know how important good vision is.  Many sports like golf, archery, shooting and the like require you to have excellent vision to be successful.  However, most people simply use their everyday glasses to play their sport in.

For this reason Specs2U provides an all-in-one optical solution for selected sports.  A combination of enhanced eye examination (focused on the requirements of your chosen sport) and the best frame / lens option to give you the best visual acuity based on the requirements of your sport.

The enhanced eye examination is specific to your sport.  We conduct a thorough eye test to determine your prescription at all levels of vision (close up, intermediate and at distance) and to determine the general health of your eyes.  We also address elements that can affect your sporting performance – eye dominance, colour blindness, sensitivity to light for example – and how these can affect your performance and (importantly) how we can address these to improve your game.

We also ask you to bring your sporting equipment with you to determine how you use your vision in your chosen sport.

This information then leads us to determine what type of frame and lens options best suit your requirements and custom-making your sports glasses around you and your sport.  Outdoor lenses that reduce glare, repel rain, change colour in different light conditions, give you sharper vision at longer distances...frames that are best suited to your prescription and sport (such as wrapped frames to reduce the amount of sun and wind getting into your eyes). 

If you take your sport seriously or want to improve your game – start with your vision.  Book in for an enhanced sports eye examination with Specs2U.