Why don't the DVLA insist on regular eye tests?

You have to put your car through an MOT every year. You have to tax your car every year. You must insure your car every year. And you have to service your car every year. All these are compulsory legal requirements - you have no choice.

Yet there is no legislation or compulsory requirement stating that you should have your eyes tested to ensure that you are actually safe to drive that ton of metal around at speed.

You'd think there would be. After all, they ask you to read a number plate when you first take your test so the assumption must be that they take the ability to see clearly seriously.

The DVLA must assume that people will automatically take responsibility for their own road safety by getting their eyes tested every couple of years. But when was YOUR last eye test? Over 2 years ago? Three? More? Get safe on the road and get your eyes checked out.