The importance of a detailed eye test.

The importance of a detailed, 30 minute eye test? A colleague from my BNI chapter came for what she thought was a routine eye test for a pair of reading glasses. Half an hour later she was booked in for an emergency referral at the local hospital.

The blood supply to the optic nerve had been blocked so she has lost the sight in her left eye and hadn't realised it (the wonder of our binocular vision - her right eye had taken over and she was none the wiser - although she had found her general vision to be impaired).

However, this could be a symptom of much more serious problems - she's already booked in for a CAT scan to investigate what has caused the problem and to address it straight away. The lady in question is happy for us to post this as a recommendation to others to get regular eye checks. She will keep us posted with updates but it shows that having a regular eye test is one of the best things you can do to protect your sight.

If you or someone you know hasn't had an eye test in recent years, get them booked in now!NHS Eyecare Voucher Values