A message from Missouri

A message from Missouri

"Thank you for all you have done to help us. My son absolutely loves his Migratech lenses. He said it took a few hours to adjust but then everything became more crisp and defined. The fatigue he experienced due to his dyslexia is no longer an issue. He is thrilled with the difference these glasses make. Sincerely-Terri"

That has given me the biggest smile I've had this week.

Cup of tea?

Amazingly, while in Sainsbury's I bumped into another couple of my customers - and we chatted for about 5 minutes about holidays, glasses (obviously) and family. Again it shows the type of relationship we enjoy with our customers - you are certainly not just a name and number at Specs2U.

We're on first name terms with many of our customers and some pop in for a cup of tea and a chat when they're in the area. Indeed many book their eye tests by popping into the branch in person rather than just calling on the phone. I'd like to think its for my sparkling personality but I suspect its my tea and coffee making ability.


A testimonial

A testimonial from Mike Brougham of Kitchcleanse.

"We recently used the services of Specs2U with reference to my mother who was suffering from cataracts.

Specs2u's professionalism, knowledge of the job and speed of service has been excellent from when we first contacted them right though until the completion of treatment.

The appointment was given very quickly which was welcome and has led to the surgery of my mother taking place sooner than we expected with very positive results. I'd like to thank Phil and his team for pushing this through for us, avoinding any lengthy delays.

I would recommend Phil and Specs2U to my contacts and any of my clients.

Specs2U deliver excellent service at a competitive price. Thank you very much Phil".

Going the extra 3,000 miles

OK - so why a map of Missouri? Quite simple really.

We had an email message from a mother who read about our special lenses that could help her son who has Irlen Syndrome. This means he has to use coloured lenses to read and work - but being 19 he's a bit self-conscious of doing so. So the mother asked if we could provide him with our special lenses that are - incidentally - clear (so they do the same job but look just like normal glasses).

The only problem? You guessed it - they live in Missouri.

No problem - because we're Specs2U. They're sending his old frame over together with his prescription. We're going to fit the new lenses in and send them back. And he'll hopefully never need to wear coloured lenses again!

Would your optician do that?



A happy customer indeed

A lovely story from our Liverpool branch. A lady came to us for an eye test and we found she had an issue that could adversely affect her vision. We suggested our new MigraTech lens to help sharpen her vision to correct her particular issue.


On collecting the glasses she told us it was the best vision she'd ever had from a pair of glasses (and incidentally the best eye test she'd ever had).


She came back around a week later to have an adjustment to her glasses and our optometrist came out to help - and got a hug from our lady customer for her troubles!


She then came back for a second pair and also popped in to provide a box of chocolates for the staff (which Rob in the lab managed to demolish in an hour!) and also this amazing hand-made card to thank the staff for helping her. What a lovely gesture!

card one.JPG

Why don't the DVLA insist on regular eye tests?

You have to put your car through an MOT every year. You have to tax your car every year. You must insure your car every year. And you have to service your car every year. All these are compulsory legal requirements - you have no choice.

Yet there is no legislation or compulsory requirement stating that you should have your eyes tested to ensure that you are actually safe to drive that ton of metal around at speed.

You'd think there would be. After all, they ask you to read a number plate when you first take your test so the assumption must be that they take the ability to see clearly seriously.

The DVLA must assume that people will automatically take responsibility for their own road safety by getting their eyes tested every couple of years. But when was YOUR last eye test? Over 2 years ago? Three? More? Get safe on the road and get your eyes checked out.

Happy customers at Specs2U

We recently did a new pair of glasses for a lovely lady who unfortunately had a stroke and relies very much on her glasses to read the paper, do crosswords and the like. She was struggling with her old glasses (from another opticians) as the reading area on her bifocals was quite small. We gave her much larger round segment bifocals and upgraded her distance as well (especially so she can see the TV better). She wasn't even wearing her old glasses when she came in. We put the new ones on and immediately her face lit up! She smiled as she looked around the room - and continued smiling as we tried the reading chart. She could read a much smaller typeface than before and found reading much easier. She was delighted and - significantly - insisted on wearing them straight away.

Incidents like this really help us feel we're helping people out.