customer service

Would your optician do this?

What do you do if you have customers who can't pick up their glasses before Christmas...but need them before Christmas (as they're away or working)?

If you're a typical optician you tell them to pick them up in the New Year.

But we're not a typical opticians - so when we close the branch today, I'll be driving round the local area dropping those customer's specs off at their homes to make sure they've got them before Christmas Day. Good customer service is at the heart of what we do - and we aim to deliver it every single day.

If your current optician wouldn't go that extra mile (or two) for you, then think about Specs2U next time you need an eye test or glasses.

The difference is the service

We often get asked what makes Specs2U different to other opticians.  Rather than use our own words, here is just one example of what our customers say about us...

"I recently visited Specs2U at Ellesmere Port in order to assist my 84 year old mum who was fed up with her "High Street" varifocals.

When we arrived we were immediately given a warm welcome and a cup of tea. My Mum had her eye test which was very detailed and took over 45 minutes. The optician was very patient and explained to my Mum how the varifocals would work with her particular eye prescription.

Then my Mum was shown the selection of glasses and was helped by the staff to choose a pair of frames along with sunglasses.

This took another 30 minutes and at no time did my Mum feel she was being rushed.

The whole experience was very calm and you would certainly not get this sort of service anywhere else.

A couple of weeks later we went back and Phil very kindly fitted the glasses and explained to my Mum how they would help her vision and how to wear them.

Again, we were given a nice cup of tea!

My mum received a pair of varifocals and prescription sunglasses that she is delighted with and will have no hesitation in telling all her friends about the great service.

I would recommend Phil and Specs2U every time."

June J. Wirral


Not being pushy is the best policy

A customer came into the Ellesmere Port branch the other day. He'd had an eye test in October last year and been told that although his prescription hadn't changed much he could benefit from new varifocal glasses and sunglasses. He decided not to buy them at the time but after seeing our advert in the paper he thought he'd try us out After around 15 minutes discussion he left having only ordered his sunglasses.

Did we disappoint him in some way? Not at all. We had a long talk about his glasses, how he uses them and what he needs them for - and what his priorities were.

He was quite happy with his existing pair of varifocals and he thought they could last him the 6 months until his next eye test. But he needed the sunglasses for his holiday in June (and was also finding driving difficult now that the sun has finally made an appearance).

Other opticians may have been pushy with him - insisting on having both pairs there and then. But we try to do things differently. By spending more time discussing the customer's needs we can better assess how best to look after them.

So we're making his sunglasses now - and he's coming back in October to sort out his varifocals. He told us that he found our 'non-pushy' approach quite refreshing and would also recommend us as a result.

So while we may have (temporarily) missed out on one sale, what we have hopefully gained is a happy customer for life.

So not being pushy is - for Specs2U - the best policy.