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Sleep deprivation amongst children

This has been one of the big news stories today - the increasing numbers of children in the UK suffering from sleep deprivation.  Hospital attendances in England for children under 14 with sleep disorders have tripled in 10 years, according to NHS data analysed by BBC Panorama.

Ten times more prescriptions of common sleep medication melatonin have also been written for children and adults under 55 over the same period.

Poor sleep in children has been linked to a greater risk of obesity, lower immunity, and mental health issues.  It is also linked to lack of emotional control and poor school performance.

Many aspects of how we live today are thought to interfere with children's sleep, 

* Blue light emitted by smartphones and tablets is known to reduce the natural production of melatonin, the hormone that makes us feel sleepy

Mobile phones are now a staple of modern children's lives

Mobile phones are now a staple of modern children's lives

* Households where both parents work can be busier in the evenings, pushing bedtimes later

* Fizzy drinks high in sugar and caffeine have also made it harder for children to switch off at night

From an optical point of view, our solution would be a Bluefilter lens.  These block bluelight from mobile devices and computer screens and can come with our without prescription (so if the child has excellent eyesight they can still be provided with a pair).