Specs2U - the marriage wrecker!

Its not often you get accused of nearly ruining someone's marriage but I got it today. A couple came in to book an eye test and to look at some frames. As we discussed their requirements I asked how they'd heard about us. She said the newspaper...and also that I'd nearly made them split up!

Asking how this could possibly be (as I'd never seen them before) she told me that I'd called their house last year and said that her husband's frame was ready for collection. As he's a keen cyclist she'd thought he'd bought a new bike frame without telling her (as us husbands do!) and she was ready with the rolling pin and verbal lashing for when he came home from work.

He denied all knowledge of it and it was only when she played the message back that they realised it was for someone else (essentially I'd dialled the wrong number - d'oh!).

Every cloud has a silver lining though. She said "You've now got two customers that you didn't have before" and suggested I should call more wrong numbers in the future!

Errr - maybe not!