Project Australia

Project Australia. You won't have heard about it but it was successfully completed.

An Ellesmere Port customer came to us with a problem at the start of the year.. A relative had died in Australia and the funeral was scheduled for a week's time. Coincidentally his son also lived in Australia so he was going to spend a week in Adelaide and attend the funeral then spend the rest of the month in Sydney with his son.

But his glasses were broken and the repair to the frame and the time to replace the lenses would be finished after he was due to fly out - and he couldn't do without his specs!

So we made him a cheap pair to use temporarily for the journey while his main pair were being repaired. We then sent the main pair all the way to Adelaide do he'd have them for the majority of the trip.

The customer came in today to tell us all went well - where he was staying in Adelaide was a bit off he beaten track so the 'postie' just left the package on the front porch (so much for 'Signed For' delivery! They got there safe and sound however and he got full use out of them 'Down Under'.

Would your optician do that?