Prism challenge

What an interesting chat. Two ladies popped in today - and after a long, hard journey trying to find us!. One had a prescription which didn't look too bad until we saw that she had 3+ prism in both eyes. The advice was to go for a small frame to keep the size of lens as small as possible and thinner, lighter lens to minimise the thickness at the side of the lens. We tried on about 20 different frames (she loved the choice available) and plumped for the first she tried on (a £20 frame).

At the end, her sister-in-law who'd driven them both here asked to book in for an eye test and they both commented on the quality of our service, the amount of information they'd been provided with and also the price. So impressed in fact that the first lady is going to come back for sunglasses, readers and to reglaze a couple of her old frames as well. smile emoticon