Is it time to get your eyes tested?

Specs2U_630x350_0013 Its got to be said that most of us, despite best intentions, put off doing things.... Clearing out the loft? Starting a diet for the New Year? Cleaning the car?

You can see the loft needs tidying, that you are slightly overweight or that your cars dirty. I'd like to say its the same for your the health of your eyes. The bad news it isn't!

Most people will notice the vision going worse because their arms aren't long enough or squinting at night to see road signs. That's only part of the story though. Many eye diseases either effect your vision very slowly (and the brain adapts= no symptoms) and others, in particular chronic Glaucoma, have no symptoms until a large part of the vision is affected.

Glaucoma affects 2% of people over the age 40 in the UK.  In many cases the first time they find out is during a routine eye test.

As part of our Specs2U brand we make sure that customers are given as long as is needed in an eye examination. We will check vision, health, discuss your visual needs  and of course screen you for Glaucoma.

We'd love to see you at Specs2U, but if you can't make it then please support your local optician.

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