Beware of optician's 2-for-1 offers!

We know a local independent optician who is currently offering 2 for 1 on everything, plus £75 off varifocals, £50 off bifocals£30 off single vision. Sounds good, doesn't it! Or does it?

Because think of how expensive those glasses must be if they can give you 2 pairs for the price of 1 and knock that amount off their glasses and yet still make a healthy profit.

Just because it looks good (and a lot of these kinds of offers do initially sound tempting) doesn't mean that it is. Many offers come with different strings attached such as only being allowed to choose from certain ranges, lens choices etc. and if you want something different the price can shoot up.

We prefer to be more transparent with our pricing - no '2 for 1' offers or the like. We'd rather you get the right lens and frame combination for your needs and know exactly what your glasses will cost.

Plus, as our single vision glasses start at £20, if we did £30 off single vision glasses, we'd have to give you £10!