Why we do 30 minute eye tests

Many first-time customers of Specs2U are surprised at how thorough and detailed our eye tests are - and also the length of time they take to complete.  We have 30 minute eye tests (often some opticians have 10-15 minute eye tests).  It is no surprise that most people say it is the best eye test they've ever had. Our view is that an eye test should not be rushed.  It is important to spend time getting the test right and ensuring that everything we need to look at is done in-depth and correctly.

One way to look at it is like an MOT for your eyes.  Its important, should be done regularly and by a qualified and experienced person.  If your garage told you they'd done your car's MOT in under 10 minutes would you think that they'd done a really good job?  Or that they'd checked everything thoroughly? We feel the same way about an eye test.

Which is why Specs2U will continue to provide full half-hour eye tests for our customers.